G’bad: Vasundhara Sec. 17 residents face severe water crisis; complaints to Nagar Nigam not attended

No fixed schedule of water supply; lesser quantity of water supply during morning and evening hours and foul smell from water are issues that residents of this sector face since long


Even in Rakhsa Bandhan residents of several sectors in Vasundhara had to go without water supply in evening while getting barely enough to full their tanks in morning. Water supply in Vasundhara colony, especially in Sector 17 has been quite erratic for the past 2 months with residents not getting their full quota of supply and residents also complain of foul smell emanating from water during the initial minutes of supply. However, they say that several complaints in this regard have not been responded to by Jal Kal officials of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN). This journalist had also complained to the General Manager and the JE about the substandard quality of water and erratic supply, however no corrective action has been taken so far.

An official of Jal Kal department however said that Ganga water supply is hampered. XEN Yogendra Yadav said that he would get the issue sorted out soon, after this journalist spoke to him. Several residents said that if the issue of foul smelling water and erratic supply remains unsolved they would soon approach the district magistrate.