Global programme on World Bee Day celebration organised by CHINAR NGO


The Central Himalayan Institute for Nature and Applied Research (CHINAR), a research and development institute based in Nainital (Uttarakhand) , in collaboration with the Canada based VToujours organization, organized an online webinar to commemorate World Bee Day (World Bee Day) on 20-05-2021 yesterday.

The programme was moderated by Dr. Pradeep Mehta, Founder Trustee & Chairman of the CHINAR Institute and Sandra Sanchez, Director of VToujours, Canada. At the beginning of the program, Sandra Sanchez spoke about the objectives of the program and the work being done in the area of bee conservation and promotion by VToujours. Dr. Pradeep Mehta gave information about the various activities of CHINAR, such as a survey conducted for FAO institute of United Nations, a survey on traditional bee-keeping and contribution made by CHINAR to United Nations policy paper, FAO, Mountain Partnership.

The event was inaugurated by Rosalaura, Programme Officer FAO MPS. In her opening remarks she mentioned that World Bee Day 2021 is an opportunity to call for global cooperation and solidarity to make sure the threats posed to food security and agricultural livelihoods, environmental degradation and the protection of pollinators are prioritized. Briefing the work of Mountain Partnership she emphasized that everyone has a role to play in Building Back Better for Bees and promoting pollinators to encourage biodiversity, support agri-food systems, and build resilience in mountains.

Dr. Richard Matthias, Director of St. Lucia’s Ianola Apiculture Collective, gave information about the importance of bee conservation and their useful impact on forests and mangroves. Dr. Lena Dempewolf, a biodiversity expert from the Ministry of Planning and Development of Trinidad and Tobago, told about pollination, ecosystem services that bees provide us. She told that the ecosystem service which bees provide  is  equivalent to about 135 billion euros per year.

Assistant Director, Central Bee Research and Training Institute, Government of India, Sridhar Prasad told about his institute and its functions on bee conservation and promotion and the status of beekeeping in India and how it is improving. He also told about new honey products such as Royal Jelly, Pollen and Bee Poison. Sharda Mahabir, National Coordinator of UNDP, Trinidad and Tobago spoke on women’s empowerment and their contribution in the sector of beekeeping.

Shruti Lakhera Tyagi, Chairman of Raibaar Committee, India, gave information about the rights of the tribal communities and her experiences of developing  a source of livelihood by collecting wild honey with them and selling in the market. 13-year-old beekeeper Michelle Lewis told how she turned this hobby of beekeeping into a small scale business. A virtual exhibition of  photographs of bees and other pollinators which were received from various parts of the world was also shown during the event. 108 people from around 10 countries like US, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Kenya, UK, Trinidad and Tobago, India and Nepal participated in the event. This information was given by the coordinator of CHINAR, Ghanshyam Pandey.