On the Tiger Trail in Corbett!


We always need some refreshment after weeks of work, so this time I took the last weekend off and went to Jim Corbett Park, famous for tigers and other wild animals.

At the Corbett Park, the air blowing our minds and clothes in this 40 degree temperature was an amazing experience in itself. We went on the tiger trail. The tiger’s roar was hard to hear and never came by, but dangling leaves falling apart from branches and the sun rays shining through the holes brightened our day. All of us felt that we have been here and done that since long.

The 80-km trip started with giggles and dust on our faces. The chit chat with friends was amazing while the driver made us more comfortable, even as he warned us to be careful  on a bumby road. The trip was quite refreshing. In the jungle we could see an owl, peacock and deer. After a while, we were starting to get the blues on not being able to see the tiger!

The main attraction of our trip was the resort in the Jim Corbett Park that is frequented by many travellers and photographers—for that perfect click. The phone network was in trouble here. However, despite all these encumbrances, socialising with nature gave us an out-of-the world feel. Jim Corbett Park was named after the legendary British hunter and conservationist who killed several man-eating tigers in the Kumaon Hills and plains. The most part of his life was spent in these hills hunting down these maneaters, thereby endearing him to the hill folk.

Finally, our trip ended with lovely Bollywood songs sung on the highest note by the Delhi girls!

(Written by Delhi resident Twishi Mohan, a  student of Pearl Academy)