G’bad: Sudden rain & storm snaps evening water supply to Vasundhara Zone


Water supply to many colonies of trans-Hindon, especially Vasundhara Zone was disrupted after heavy rains and storm that resulted in electricity fault of a high-tension line at Sector 5, Vasundhara owing to which the evening water supply was stopped by Water Works Dept. of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam, informed JE Ajay. He said that as it might take time to rectify electric fault in morning hours, the water sypply was held back as a precautionary measure. Residentswould now get their quota of water supply in the morning. The JE also informed that there were some intemittent problems with teh ganga water supply also due to heavy rains in the hills.
The water supply system of Nagar Nigam has become fragile over the years on account of wear and tear of old supply pipelines as well as a rising population, already overburdening the existing system. The GNN has been lagging behind in changing the old, worn out lines and has not taken serious measures to create a back-up of electricity supply that could have been met with generator sets, point out residents. The infrastrctural upgrade has also been hit due to the pandmic, pointed out Nigam officials.