Professionals partake in 100-km-run for world record


A very special run of 100 kms during this pandemic time, which was virtually organized by The Flag Runners Bhatinda to attempt a world record. Group captain Vimal Pal threw this challenge to all the members, 6 guys from CRC (Crossings Runners Club) accepted the challenge and completed the task in less than 75% of cut off time. These 6 guys called themselves “Saturday Strugglers” as they had been toiling hard for the last 4 months and especially on Saturdays. This 100-km-run result was a 100% success with their discipline, dedication, and immaculate training plan. 

A brief intro of team members is as follows:
Anurag Sharma: Veteran Runner and cyclist, Founder of Kliento Technologies completed his 100 KMs in 11H24M.
Rabinder Singh (Rabbi): A retired decorated Navy officer, now a Banker completed his 100KMs in 11H32M
Ranjan Swain: An entrepreneur and known face in Delhi NCR textile industry completed his 100 kms in 11H37 M
Prashant Shukla: A Project Manager in UK-based MNC completed is 100K in 12H11Ms
Gaurav Lamba: Undoubtedly fastest runner of Crossing Republik, an IT professional completed his 100K in 13H05M
Himanshu Sharma: Strongest from the heart and a sales manager in a leading travel company completed his 100 K in 14H21 Ms
The event was well managed by Crossing Runners Club other runners also Gr. Noida Cycling Club and Crossings Cycling Club also joined hands to make the event successful.