Delhi Police Commissioner reviews crime situation in Capital


SN Shrivastava, CP, Delhi held Crime and Covid-19 Review meeting today, through video conferencing. The crime situation and action against criminals, including burglary, NDPS, Arms, Excise cases and gambling cases, review of POCSO cases were the focal points. Detection of crime against women, kidnapping/ abduction, MV theft and other theft and step taken to reform JCL through YUVA/other efforts were also reviewed. The CP Delhi also reviewed tracing of missing children, return of stolen property to rightful owner alongwith implementation of Covid guidelines vis-a-vis overall working. He rewarded personnel from South District, North-West Distt and South-West Districts in recognition of courageous and outstanding works done by them during the past few days.

Following is brief of the good works that were acknowledged during the meeting:

1) On 05.8.2020, a bag containing jewellery worth Rs. 1 crore was snatched from a lady in car, a case was registered at PS DBG Road. The Special Staff of South District comprising ASI Anil Kumar, ASI Premjeet, HC Sunil Kumar, Ct. Jtender Dalal, Ct. Anoop Kumar, Ct. Sandeep Kumar, Ct Roshan and Ct Pradeep and led by Insp. Girish Kumar, also worked on this incident. Their efforts bore fruit when two suspected persons were apprehended. Gold and diamond studded jewellery was recovered from their possession. Thus a sensational case of snatching of precious jewellery was solved with complete recovery.  

2. On 16.09.2020, complainant and his friend were cycling. Meanwhile, three persons came from behind riding a motorcycle and whipped out a gun and  pointed it towards him. They snatched mobile phones from both of them. The complainant informed that they had formed a whatsapp group of their cyclist friends and they shared  their live location. Ct. Vishal and Ct. Anil of PS Subhash Place immediately started tracking the culprits through whatsapp live location. Consequently they verified that one of the robbed mobile was still switched on. After a chase of almost 30 kms, the police team intercepted the robbers in the area of PS Nand Nagri, North-East District. When the police team tried to apprehend the robbers riding on a heavy 400 CC motor bike, they barged into the police M/Cycle damaging it completely and causing injuries to the police team. In spite of it, the resolute policemen Ct. Vishal and Ct. Anil did not give up and continued to chase the robbers on the complainant’s vehicle. The accused fired three bullets towards the police team but the brave and gallant constables showing extra ordinary commitment towards duty chased and apprehended one of the accused. One country made pistol, four live cartridges, One stolen motorcycle, six mobile phones, one gold chain, one gold ring, one gold earring was recovered from his possession.

3. HC Sheoran posted at PS Safderjung Enclave was on patrolling duty. Around midnight he noticed three suspicious persons. He enquired from them and also took their photographs. On this, one of the suspicious person grabbed HC Sheoran from around his neck and called other associate and robbed Head Constable’s mobile phone and tried to rob his service pistol. Meantime Ct. Ramesh also arrived there. HC Sheoran resisted fiercely and overpowered one of the accused.Two of his accomplices succeeded in  runing away on their scooty. In melee, the robbed phone fell down nearby. Later on all three accused were arrested by the police team comprising SI Ravinder, SI Munna Kumar, HC Ramdas, HC Ram Naresh, Ct. Nemi Chand and Ct. Ramesh led by Insp. Umesh Barthwal. 13 cases were worked out with recoveries of two gold chain, 15 snatched mobile phone, one country made pistol with two live cartridges at their instances. HC Sheoran has been recommended for Ashadharan Karya Puruskar for his bravery.

Source: Press Release