Physiotherapy can help Covid patients recover fully, say Yashoda Kaushambi docs

Top: MD Dr PN Arora; bottom left Dr Ashish Jain and right Dr Mubarak (HOD), Physiotherapy

GHAZIABAD: The focus of this year’s World Physiotherapy Day to be held on Sept 8 is rehabilitation of Covid patients as well as role of the physio in treatment and management of Covid patients, said MD of Yashoda Superspecialty Hospital, Kaushambi, Dr PN Arora.

According to Dr Mubarak, Head of Physiotherapy Dept at Yashoda, “For a patient to recover fully from Covid, exercise plays an important part and here physiotherapy—that involves exercising muscles, limbs, bones through use of advance machines and equipment is paramount for successful recovery.” He said that a physio can guide a patient recuperating from this dreaded disease.

Senior Physiotherapist, Dr Ashish Jain said that today’s lifestyle is such that we are unable to use our limbs effectively; as a result we are susceptible to a number of diseases and pain as the body loses its natural resistance. Depending upon physiotherapy means adopting a lifestyle free of medicines and in Covid-19 it has been seen that for a patient to recover fully, physiotherapy could play a significant role and they can return to a normal life. reporter