G’bad Municipal Commissioner inspects Kavi Nagar Zone; reprimands official for lax approach


G’bad Municipal Commissioner, Mahendra Singh Panwar today visited Kavi Nagar Zone in morning hours wherein it was found that heaps of garbage were strewn across a stretch on Kamla Nehru Nagar main road. Upon this the area Sanitary and Food Inspector (SFI) was reprimanded severely by the Municipal Commissioner and was also issued  warning and a show-cause. All SFIs are being directed to regularly lift garbage from their areas.

The local councilor of Ward 67 complained that garbage lifted from other wards was being dumped in his area upon which Tanwar directed the SFI Narendra Kumar to ensure that this does not happen again. The City Health Officer was directed to ensure that all door-to-door collection vehicles should stick a route chart on their vehicles so that there is no confusion.

Upon seeing two big advertisement hoardings on a road in front of Yashoda Nehru Nagar the Municipal Commissioner asked the Advertisement Incharge to explain the same.

An important step taken today was acknowledging the work done by rag pickers who do the rounds of the city was held in which it was decided to give them some sort of recognition for the garbage picking and segregating work they do unofficially.

-delhincrnews.in reporter