G’bad RWA members ask Mun. Commissioner to go for sanitary landfill site


A delegation of RWA Federation Ghaziabad and Flat Owner Federation, Ghaziabad under leadership of Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi (retd), today  met Municipal Commissioner, Mahendra Singh Panwar.

Col Tyagi claimed that the 42nd finance Commission had made a provision of Rs 88,000 cr for all ULBs across the country for 2015-20. At least 80% was component and 20% was performance grant for which Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) had to set up service level benchmarks that were to be published in the newspapers, he said and added that waste disposal was an important part of this grant. However the GNN did not do that and also claimed the grant money of 5 years, said Col Tyagi.

Upon hearing this, the Municipal Commissioner had agreed to set up service level benchmarks, claimed Tyagi. He also pointed out that the main role of the GNN is disposal of solid waste and not to litter public areas. He said that the GNN since last 10 years had been promising to establish a waste-to-energy plant but that has come a cropper. Even if such a plant comes up, the resultant effect will be more air pollution as burning the waste at high temperatures will result in ash formation that will spread in the air.

Col Tyagi said that presently the need was to establish a sanitary landfill site in place of dumping ground where waste matter is filled up in dug up trenches and compressed with the help of a roller and then covered. He said the need was for one small roller and 4 trained staff who shall compress and cover the disposables daily.

According to Col Tyagi the Municipal Commissioner acceded to this request.

delhincrnews.in reporter