Wanted serial killer, kidnapper & cheat arrested by Delhi Police

Dr. Devender Sharma, a BAMS degree holder convicted in several murder cases and wanted in a case of Jaipur, Rajasthan arrested by Narcotics Cell, Crime

The accused in yellow T-shirt surrounded by cops

The team of Narcotics Cell, Crime has arrested notorious serial killer Dr. Devendra Kumar Sharma, 62, hailing from village Purreni, Aligarh. The accused had been convicted in several cases of kidnapping-cum-murder, of truck and taxi drivers and had jumped parole while serving sentence in a murder case of Jaipur, Rajasthan. He was presently wanted in 41/2020 dated 17.02.2020, u/s 58B, Rajasthan Prisons Act, 2015 registered at PS Lalkothi, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

While gathering information about wanted criminals, on July 28, Inspector Ram Manohar posted at Narcotics Cell, Crime got the secret information that one desperate serial killer Devender Kumar Sharma serving life sentence in Central Jail, Jaipur in a murder case of Jaipur had come out on parole for 20 days from Jaipur jail in the month of January but didn’t return after the completion of parole period and now was secretly residing in the area of Baprola, Delhi. The police team led by Inspector Ram Manohar comprising SI Shyam Bihari Saran, HCs Ashok Nagar, HC Sanjay and constable Sumit immediately swung into action under the supervision of J.N. Jha, ACP/Narcotics Cell and overall supervision of Rakesh Paweriya (IPS) and DCP, Crime Branch.

The police team conducted on the ground discreet enquiries in the area of Baprola, Delhi and finally succeeded in locating the wanted convict Devender Sharma in a house in Gali No.10. He was immediately intercepted and questioned, however, he kept misleading the police team. Hence, he was brought in the office of Narcotics Cell and thoroughly interrogated. The facts were also cross checked from the I.O and SHO of PS Lalkothi, Jaipur. The accused Devender Sharma finally broke down and confessed about his criminal past and that he had jumped parole with the resolution to never return in jail. He has been arrested vide DD No. 3 dated 29.07.2020, u/s 41.1(b) Cr.PC at Narcotics Cell, Crime.

During sustained interrogation, accused Devender Sharma disclosed that he graduated in BAMS from Siwan, Bihar and from 1984 he ran a clinic in the name of Janta Hospital and Diagnostics at Bandiqui, Jaipur, Rajasthan for 11 years. He got married in the year 1982. In the year 1994, Bharat Fuel Company having office in Thapar Chamber, Ashram had floated the scheme of giving gas dealership in which he had invested Rs.11 lakh for getting gas dealership. Thousands of individuals invested in the company but the company suddenly vanished and cheated the investors. He suffered severe financial crisis due to loss of his invested money and started running a fake gas agency of Bharat Petroleum in Chhara village, Aligarh, U.P in the year 1995. Initially he started bringing cooking gas a few cylinders from Lucknow but it was getting tough for him to travel from Aligarh to Lucknow for this work.

During those days, he came in contact with the persons namely Raj, Udaiveer and Vedveer, residents of nearby village Dalalpur, who used to commit theft and robbery. These persons started robbing trucks carrying LPG cylinders by murdering the driver and after getting the truck unloaded in the fake gas agency of Devender Sharma, his said accomplices used to get the robbed truck dismantled in Meerut. After one and half year he was arrested for running fake gas agency. Thereafter, in the year 2001, he once again started fake gas agency at Amroha but again a case of cheating was registered against him at PS Kotwali.

After suffering huge financing loss in the year 1994, Devender Sharma got involved in inter-state illegal kidney transplant racket running in Jaipur, Ballbhgadh, Gurgaon and other places. He was involved in criminal cases registered at the said three places regarding illegal kidney transplant. He was arrested in the year 2004 in Gurgaon Kidney racket case going on at that time in Anmol Nursing Home run by Dr. Amit. In this case several doctors were also arrested. From 1994 to 2004 he disclosed to have got more than 125 kidney transplant done illegally for which he got Rs 5-7 lakh per case.    

After closure of his fake gas agency, he went to Jaipur and ran his clinic till 2003. In this period, he was in touch with the said persons who used to hire taxi for going to Aligarh and then killed the driver at a secluded place. They used to dump dead body in Hazara Canal, Kashganj which had crocodiles hence, there was no chance of retrieval of any dead body. He used to sell the robbed taxi to gullible persons at Kashganj and or got it dismantled at Meerut and in this way he used to get 20-25 thousand in every such sale.  After his arrest, all those who had purchased car from him were also arrested by the police. He disclosed to have been mastermind of more than 50 such murders.

Media reports of that period show that he had committed more than 100 murders of taxi drivers for which cases were registered in Delhi, U.P, Haryana and Rajasthan.He was arrested for several murder cases reported in the year 2002-2004 and in 6/7 cases only he was convicted. Presently, he was serving life sentence in a murder case of Jaipur. He was released on 20 days parole in the month of January after remaining in jail for 16 years. His wife and children deserted him in the year 2004 when his brutal acts came in public domain.

After jumping parole he stayed at his native village and then moved to Delhi in the beginning of March and started residing in the house of a known person at Mohan Garden.  Thereafter, he moved to Baprola and married a widow lady and started residing secretly in her house and had joined some persons in property sale purchase business. He disclosed to be meditating for sale of one Marshal House situated at Connaught Place to a property dealer of Jaipur. However, his tall claims appear nothing but his new modus operandi of cheating.  

The concerned SHO and I.O of PS Lalkothi, Jaipur have been informed about the arrest and custody of the accused will be handed over through Court.  Enquiries from Rajasthan police has revealed that he was involved in half a dozen cases of kidnapping and murder besides several such cases registered in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. During interrogation he disclosed about his involvement in 45-50 such cases registered in different police stations of the different states.

delhincrnews.in reporter