G’bad: Covid +ve 92-yr-old woman successfully treated while woman in her 30s gives birth to triplets at Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi

Director of the hospital Upasana Arora said that the hospital has turned itself into a hybrid superspeciality centre treating corona and other cases successfully

Top: Triplets born at hospital; 92-yr-old corona patient treated. Below: Director Upasana Arora and COO Dr Sunil Dagar

In two different instances a 92-yr-old Vasundhara, G’abd resident, a lady who tested Covid positive was successfully treated at Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi and sent back to her home while on the other hand a 32-year-old pregnant lady—gave birth to triplets, two boys and one girl. According to COO of Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi, Sunil Dagar a 92-yr-old lady from Vasundhara was admitted to the hospital with 5 other family members who were Covid positive on July 12. The nonagenarian thanked the hospital doctors and staff after they saved her life and gave them her blessings after being discharged on July 20.

On the other hand the 32-yr-old lady whose husband is posted with the UP Police gave birth to triplets on July 21. The babies are premature and on account of low weight are being treated at the hospital where they are reportedly doing fine.

According to Senior Gynaecologist, Dr Deepa the lady had to be operated upon and the operation as successful. According to her the Yashoda management was fully alert towards the risk of Covid-19. She said that in addition to Covid patients the hospital is concurrently treating patients suffering from other illness.

Director Upasana Arora informed that about 30 feet from the main hospital building another building is being sued as Covid-19 ward that has separate entry and exit for such patients and their relatives, fulfilling the norms of social distancing and proper screening. She also said that ultraviolet lights and laminar flows were being used in OTs that reduces the threat of infections considerably. She also added that in all counters glass screens were put up and proper guidelines are being followed to keep corona at bay. The bio-medical waste of corona positive patients is being disposed of as per protocols and its GPS tracking is also being done, she said and added that due to these measures Yashoda Hospital Kaushambi has become a hybrid health centre where safe and proper treatment of corona is available in addition to treatment of other diseases.

delhincrnews.in reporter