G’bad Nagar Nigam slaps total penalty of Rs 3.50 lakhs on trucker & firm for violating plastic mgt. laws

While the transporter was found transporting 200 quintals of polythene, the firm was guilty of casually dumping of the plastic waste


The transporter, of one Sri Krishna Roadways of Janakpuri, Mohan Nagar, whose truck was seized yesterday by Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) and police team for transporting banned polythene, today appeared before the Municipal Commissioner, Dr Dinesh Chandra Singh and pleaded guilty and also asked him to reduce the huge fine of Rs 5 lakhs as fine imposed by the GNN for transporting 160 quintals of polythene carry bags that later turned out to be 200 quintals in total.

Yesterday, as reported in delhincrnews.in the Municipal Commissioner had asked the tax official to issue a notice to the transporter and slap a fine on him. However, after he pleaded the fine was reduce to Rs 1.50 lakhs that was deposited in the GNN’s account while the polythene carry bags were sent to the GNN’s plastic waste management facility at Sihani Garage.

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The transported was warned not to repeat such offence in future.

In another instance, a GNN team found a firm namely RSPL Ltd. B-14, Site 4, Sahibabad guilty of not complying with SWM Rules 2016 and generating and disposing of waste casually and in public places and also not following the guidelines that need to be followed by bulk waste generators. The owner was slapped with a fine of Rs 5 lakhs for violating the SWM Rules, sections of the Environment Protection Act 1986 and relevant state laws. However, after a representative of the firm appeared before the Municipal Commissioner and pleaded guilty the fine amount was reduce to RS 2 lakhs and a warning was issued not to violate the law again.

In this way a sum of Rs 3.5 lakhs as penalty amount came into the GNN coffers today.

delhincrnews.in reporter