G’bad Nagar Nigam frees land parcels worth Rs 50 cr from land mafia

GNN land measuring 9,230 sq mt near Tigri Roundabout and 1,640 sq mt at Dundaheda was reclaimed after an anti-encroachment drive


The enforcement team of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) on orders of Municipal Commissioner, Dr Dinesh Chandra Singh—who received a complaint about the said encroachments—today freed 2 parcels of land worth Rs 50 crores.

These two parcels of land had been encroached upon by land mafia. The first site is located near Tigri Roundabout (between NH 24 and Gaur City) on Khasra Nos 195/36, 195/39 and 195/40, while the other one is at Dundaheda- Khasra No 295.

The GNN team demolished 6 illegal houses on the Tigri Roundabout encroachments and freed at least 9,230 sq mts of land while at Dundaheda 1,640 sq mts of land was freed. Demarcation of both the areas was done by wire fencing.

GNN sources said that at Tigri Roundabout about Rs 45 cr worth of land parcel was freed while at Dundaheda the land freed is worth Rs 5 cr.

delhincrnews.in reporter