G’bad Nagar Nigam again starts anti-plastic drive; several persons fined

Municipal Commissioner, Dr Dinesh Chandra Singh appealed to public not to stock and use polythene and plastic items and to use cloth masks


Once again Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) has begun its plastic-free campaign that suffered due to Covid-19. The plastic-free drive was conducted across all zones of the GNN and penalty was imposed on vendors, shopkeepers and other persons who were found flouting the law.

In City Zone a total penalty of Rs 2,500 was imposed upon 4 persons at Jatwara Fruit & Vegetable Mandi, seized 1 kg polythene; in Vasundhara Zone Rs 1,500 penalty imposed on 3 persons in Vaishali Sector 5, seized 4 kgs plastic material; in Kavi Nagar Zone Rs 1,000 penalty was imposed on one person at RDC Raj Nagar, seized 1 kg polythene.

In this way, Rs 5,000 fine was slapped on the violators.

In Mohan Nagar 10 persons were taken to task for using polythene carry bags and 5 kgs of polythene was seized, however no penalty was imposed, as per a media communication.

Municipal Commissioner, Dr Dinesh Chandra Singh today again repeated his call to the public especially the business owners, not to stock and sue polythene and plastic items like before. He said those violating the orders will be dealt with strictly under the relevant laws.

Singh also appealed to the masses to not use plastic masks and gloves as their disposal is a challenge and also increases the amount of waste. He exhorted the public to use cloth masks that can be re-used after washing.

delhincrnews.in reporter