G’bad Mun. Commissioner makes surprise check of cleanliness at Nandi Park; feeds cattle ‘gur’ & ‘chana’

While on his visit, Dr Dinesh Chandra Singh also gave specific instructions to clean the silt accumulated alongside drain near Nandi Park


A surprise check of cattle shelters at Nandi Park in Nand Gram was today made by Municipal Commissioner, Dr Dinesh Chandra Singh. Upon his visit, it was found that most of the cleanliness work was up to the mar besides in his last visit Singh had given instructions to cover the adjoining drain and to keep sufficient fodder for the cattle. These instructions were given to Dr Anuj Kumar Singh, incharge of the Gaushala/Nandi Park. However, it was found that the silt extracted from the drain had not been lifted upon which the Municipal Commissioner conveyed over phone to the incharge that he should get the silt picked up today itself by directing the SFI to do so and inform the Commissioner’s office.

After the inspection, Singh fed the cows ‘Gur’ (jaggery) and ‘Chana’ (gram).

delhincrnews.in reporter