G’bad: Massive outage at Sec 15, Vasundhara water pumping station fixed by GNN


After a marathon effort of about 12 hours the Water Works Department of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) managed to plug the fault in the electric cable at Sector 15 Vasundhara water pumping station. The massive outage at this station that was caused due to an uprooted tree falling over the electric cable resulted in snapping of Ganga water supply to several areas of Trans-Hindon in Ghaziabad.

JE Somendra Pratap Singh, water supply incharge of Vasundhara Zone and who was in the thick of action said: “It took us many hours to fix the damage to the cable but we managed to do it after a herculean effort and now the water supply is smooth again.” After this fix, all areas that went dry since yesterday evening got their evening quota of Ganga water supply.

Earlier, in the day at noon-time, the GNN managed to supply water for at least 20-25 minutes (going  by public account) to parched residents who were taken by surprise due to sudden break in the supply.

According to the JE, “The Sector 15 pumping station supplies water to Sectors 13-19 in Vasundhara, besides Brij Vihar and Karkarmodel village in Sahibabad area.   However, now the supply is restored completely.”

delhincrnews.in reporter