Delhi: Two held for creating fake online identities and extorting money from women professionals

The accused told the police that they were inspired by a popular Bollywood blockbuster


A complaint was received from a lady doctor that she had come across the profile of one Dr. Rohit Gujral, an orthopaedic surgeon, on the popular dating app Tinder, after which she started chatting and talking to him over phone. Within a matter of days, the alleged Rohit convinced her of his genuine intentions to marry her and on that same pretext also persuaded her to share her private pictures and videos. Then one day, he told the victim that he had a bit of a personal situation going on in which he needed her help. On enquiry by the victim, the alleged ‘Rohit’ told a concocted story to her that sometime back he had developed physical relations with his friend ‘Anand’s’ sister and Anand had caught the whole act on camera. As told by ‘Rohit’ to the victim, now his friend Anand is blackmailing him for facilitating a similar favour.

Having told the victim this, the alleged Rohit then sought her help and asked her if she would be willing to develop intimate relations with the said Anand so that he stops blackmailing him. Initially the victim agreed but then refused and that’s when the alleged ‘Rohit’ started blackmailing her using her private pictures and videos. He also made her transfer Rs 30,000 on the pretext of his mother’s illness.

Immediately on the receipt of the complaint, an FIR was registered and investigation was taken up. Technical analysis was done with respect to the mobile numbers as well as the money trail and the location of the accused was zeroed in. A dedicated team comprising of SI Avdesh, SI Brahm Prakash, SI Kuldeep, HC Neeraj Pandey and others was formed and the main accused Anand was apprehended from near Lajpat Nagar Metro Station. The other accused Priyam Yadav, a co-conspirator and the beneficiary, was also apprehended soon after. The details of the two accused are as follows

On interrogation, the main accused Anand disclosed the mind boggling story that he had elaborately weaved to con and extort women, both of money and into establishing intimate physical relations with him. Anand used to run an event management firm and hence, was in touch with a lot of men and women who also aspired to become models and actors. He used the pictures of one of these men to create a fictional/fake profile on various dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc. as well as various matrimonial sites like Jeevan Saathi, by the name of  Rohit Gujral who claimed to be an orthopaedic surgeon. The idea for this profession came to the accused after watching the popular Bollywood movie ‘Kabir Singh’.

The profile was constructed in a way to attract as many women as possible. Once he matched with these women on any of the apps/sites, he would exchange his number and start chatting to them. On the pretext of his mother’s treatment, he would avoid having any video calls with the victims. In a matter of a few days, he would convince women about the seriousness of his intentions to marry them and would ask them for their private pictures and videos.

A few days later, he would tell them about a difficult personal situation being faced by him. He had come up with a story of him being physically intimate with one of his friend’s sisters and the entire act being captured on camera by the said friend, who was none other than Anand himself. The alleged ‘Rohit Gujral’ would then tell these women that Anand had been blackmailing him with the videos and would only relent if ‘Rohit’s’ girlfriend would agree to establishing intimate physical relations with Anand. ‘Rohit’ would then request these women to help him out by doing so.

When the victims refused, he blackmailed them and extorted money from them using the private pictures and videos he had of them. Meanwhile, he would also convince them to transfer him lakhs of rupees on the pretext of his mother’s treatment and other reasons. The accused Anand targeted only highly qualified professional women such as doctors, bank managers, etc. as they had the financial resources to pay him the sum demanded. He would get the money transferred to the accounts of his associate Priyam Yadav, who took his own cut.

The accused Anand was able to convince women easily of his good intentions and hence managed to extort and con multiple women of several lakhs of rupees in a matter of months. Multiple complaints have already been received against him. One of his victims was so convinced that he was going to marry her, that she had even applied for a bank loan of Rs. 5 lakhs to give the money to the accused.

Efforts are being made to identify the involvement of others. reporter