G’bad Nagar Nigam carries out special drain cleaning drive in several wards


Under the special drain cleaning drive of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) on instrictions of Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh, ahead of the monsoon season, today several drains across all zones were cleaned and de-silted.

Mohan Nagar Zone

Ward No 75, D Block drain; Ward No 20 Bhopura (Rajeev Nagar drain); Ward No 44 (drain behind Arthala Balaji); and, Ward No 75 (drain near Janakpur Gurudwara).

Vasundhara Zone

Ward No 54 (drain running between Sec 3 & Sec 5); Ward No 74 (drain near Sai Temple, Sec 15); Ward No 40 (Jhandapur drain); and Ward No 21 (drain near Neelkanth Society, Bhowapur).

City Zone

Ward No 9 (drin between Meerut Rd Shiv Temple to Patel Nagar Mod); Ward No 96 (drain between Holy Child and Basant Intersection); drain between Arya Nagar Intersection, Tempo Stand and Lohia Nagar (Hamdard Police Chowki); drain between Kalkagarhi Intersection and Choudhary Mod;  Ward No 92; Ward No 50 drain and Ramte Ram Rd Dasna Gate up to Vet Hospital and Delhi juice corner drain.

Kavi Nagar Zone

Ward No 24 (drain between Daulatpura Pump and IMS College); Ward No 53 (drain near Raeespur); and, Ward No 84 Raj Nagar Hint Intersection and Sec 3 Police chowki.

Vijay Nagar Zone

Drain between Sain Vihar and Daya Farm; from J Block corner up to Ganga Jal plant; drain beween Ambedkar Poliec Chowki and Street No 1; drain of Madhavpur toilet; and drain near Niranjan Halwai and Yadav office.

delhincrnews.in reporter