G’bad Mun. Commissioner urges public to shun plastic carry bags- as these are illegal & can carry infection

He also advised to soak vegetables and fruits for 10 minutes in lukewarm water and to add 2 spoons each of salt & vinegar to get rid of a probable infection

Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh (file pic)

G’bad Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra Singh has once again appealed to the public not to use the plastic carry bags while going to market in lockdown period. Such carry bags are not only illegal in Uttar Pradesh but can be carriers of infection, he cautioned. According to a media communication by the Municipal Commissioner, it has recently come to notice that the use of such carry bags is on the rise. He appealed to the public to use cloth bags for buying necessary items from the market.

According to Dinesh Chandra Singh plastic carry bags are harmful in many ways to the environment and in the present Covid crisis it has been amply proved that plastic carries the infection that can only be removed with a sanitizer that with 80% alcohol composition. Singh said many sanitisers do not have this volume of alcohol content and hence using carry bags made of plastic are dangerous.

On the other hand, cloth carry bags can be washed with water and detergent and can be disinfected easily, said the Municipal Commissioner.

He also urged the public to take care in washing vegetables/fruits by soaking them in lukewarm water for 10 minutes and by adding 2 spoons of salt and equal quantity of vinegar. Thereafter, these vegetables can be used by washing them once in normal water again, he added.

delhincrnews.in reporter