G’bad Mun. Commissioner clears air on advisory to RWAs


After an advisory issued asking RWAs to persuade doctors and medical staff engaged in Covid duty in Delhi to stay back in the capital, Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh clarified that the advisory was not meant to be an order but was only issued in line with the CMO’s office advisory of sympathetic appeal to all medical staff to do so

The Municipal Commissioner in a media communication stated that the advisory was not binding on any RWA and was issued in good faith. It also said that only the DM office can make a binding order. The clarification had to be given after several organisations like IMA protested against the advisory saying that it is biased and derogatory towards doctors.

Singh also mentioned that he had utmost respect for all corona warriors comprising doctors and health staff, policemen, sanitation workers and government officials.

The Ghaziabad CMO has also clarified through a written communication that its advisory was not meant to offend the sentiments of doctors in any way.

Earlier, the DM had met both the Mun. Commissioner and the CMO and had asked them to clear the air regarding doctors’ stay back.

-delhincrnews.in reporter