G’bad: Asthma patients should take special care in wake of corona: Dr KK Pandey, Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi

On occasion of World Asthma Day senior medical specialists advise asthma patients to exercise extra caution

Left to Right: Dr KK Pandey, Dr Arjun Khanna & Dr Ankit Kumar Sinha

Doctors of Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi Ghaziabad have cautioned the asthma patients to take utmost in the wake of Covid-19. According to Dr PN Arora, MD of Yashoda at least 1.5 crore persons are suffering of asthma in the country. In India one out of every 10 persons is suffering from asthma and awareness and timely treatment can only save a person from this illness. In 1998 the first World Asthma Day was celebrated after which every year it is celebrated on May 5.
Senior Pulmonary Specialist of Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi, Dr KK Pandey, Dr Arjun Khanna and Dr Ankit Sinha informed that  in asthma a patient suffers from severe cough, congestion and difficulty in breathing and if this is not treated in time with proper medication, it could lead to severe health issues.
These specialists informed that an asthma patient could face sever health issues if infected with corona virus as asthma is a respiratory illness like corona. They warned that such patients should not go out of their homes at all.

delhincrnews.in reporter