G’bad Nagar Nigam intensifies efforts to sanitise city

Sanitisation drive at Crossings Republik

Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) claims to be reaching out to almost each and every ward of the city in performing sanitization and fogging of colonies, lanes & bylanes apart from the main roads and public places. The sanitization work is being performed by hand mounted sanitization machines as well as a plethora of vehicles by using a solution of water plus sodium hypochlorite.

The GNN sanitation workers and staff have been distributed masks, soaps and gloves so that they remain safe while at work. The GNN has been sanitizing all police stations, public offices and public places everyday in all its zones.

As earlier written the GNN has also provided a helpline number that can be contacted by the public for sanitization. The GNN staff under Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra Singh is doing its best to sanitise Ghaziabad.

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-delhincrnews.in reporter