COVID-19: G’bad Nagar Nigam’s sanitisation efforts pick up pace

In Vasundhara Zone the heavy sprinkler vehicles were seen sprinkling sanitization solution on roads and sidewalks, whereas the GNN today also dispatched sanitation workers to sanitise various office buildings


After yesterday’s announcement that at least 535 vehicles—big & small—will be pressed into action for sanitization work in municipal corporation area the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) teams are beings sent in every ward to sanitise these. However, so far the smaller vehicles that are easy to manoeuvre will take a bit longer time to join the effort, it was learnt today from Vasundhara Zone officials.

The Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh who is leading from the front in the GNN”s sanitisation efforts, today informed that where vehicles could not go the GNN will send in its dedicated staff with an apparatus comprising a gallon like vessel or hand mounted apparatus that will be used for sprinkling the sanitizing mixture.

Dinesh Chandra Singh also said that the bigger vehicles were being used to sanitise the main roads as well as arterial roads of several colonies. Sanitisation work of ever government buildings, media house buildings among others are also being done by the GNN. He informed that a mix of water and 1% sodium hypochlorite is being used for this effort.

It was also apprised that the GNN is in process of purchasing 50 hand mounted machines for sanitising areas surrounding narrow lanes. reporter