Ghaziabad: GNN lists out measures to contain corona & mosquitoes; appeals to sanitise home area

A solution of sodium hypochlorite & water has been suggested by the Nigam to sanitise the societies, homes and usable places


Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) has listed out several measures it is undertaking to tackle suspected corona virus and other mosquito borne diseases. A communication from Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh stated these facts. Under it the GNN has said that the measures undertaken are firstly sprinkling of a solution compromising Water and sodium hypochlorite (1%) through 5 sprinkling machines/vehicles and sanitizing the city.

Secondly, the GNN is using 100 small and 5 big fogging machines for regular spray across its all 5 zones to ward of mosquitoes. Thirdly, through 5 high-power spray machines the GNN is sanitizing government buildings. Fourthly, the GNN has placed hoardings and flax boards at 64 public places in the city for raising awareness and fifth, the GNN is trying to reach out to RWAs in the city through federations and apartment owner associations. This is being done in order to promote sanitization and social distancing.

In addition to the aforementioned measures the GNN communication has appealed to the RWAs of the city to regularly desanitise their precincts by using water and sodium hypochlorite mixture (1%) and to add 3 spoonful of bleaching powder to this mixture. Thereafter, this solution is to be used for desanitisation purposes.

The GNN has appealed to the residents to stay indoors, to sanitise homes especially doors, locks, knobs etc by using sodium hypochlorite and to ask those who arrive at their homes to desanitise themselves as well by using soap or sanitiser. reporter