G’bad Mun. Commissioner sensitises staff & public about sanitation measures to avoid corona


A screening drive was organised at the head office of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) as well as in Nandi Park by Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh for detecting any possibility of corona virus. Singh himself partook in the proceedings by holing  an infrared thermometer and screening the officials of the GNN. Thereafter they GNN staff were told to wash their hands properly and to use sanitisers and mask in a proper way. All persons including the staffed the general public were sensitized about the value of proper sanitation in these turbulent times.

All were asked to first clean their hands by using sanitise kept at the GNN premises after which they were allowed to enter the office.

In addition to the aforementioned measures, 6 vehicles having water sprinklers for reducing air pollution and dust are being used for sprinkling and spraying water laced with sodium hyper chloride as per standard. This mixture is being sprinkled in all 5 zones of the GNN through these vehicles and under supervision of Dr Mithilesh Kumar.

-delhincrnews.in reporter