G’bad: Vendors in Vasundhara Sec 15 & 17 encroach upon GNN green belt; cause pollution

Hundreds of vendors selling fruits, vegetables and eatables are becoming a law & order problem, point out residents


The Sector 17 tri-section of Vasundhara and the roadsides of Sectors 15/17 have been taken over by vendors selling fruits, vegetables and eatables who are not only disposing of the left-over portions of organic waste into the Sector 17-16 connecting drain but also end up encroaching upon the green belt along the main arterial road of Vasundhara up to Sector 19.

Previously, after an NGT order to clean the Vasundhara Sector 16-17 connecting drain the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) had carried out a  comprehensive drive to restore the green belt and to demarcate it following which the GNN fenced the green belt area—where earlier the fruit & vegetable market stood—but now again the vendors have surreptitiously cut the fencing and have started parking their e-carts ad Thelas on the green belt.

Several resident of Sector 17’s G & H block and Sector 19 pointed out that presence of so many vendors was annoying and this has resulted in encroachments all over this area. Many residents said that these hawkers do not belong to Vsundhara but come here and litter the place.

Earlier several hawkers had got a stay from the Allahabad HC on the ground of not getting an opportunity to be heard on the issue of vending zone—under which eligible hawkers & vendors will be allocated space. But that does not mean that they can encroach upon green belts with impunity.

However, since that order many new hawkers have arrived at Sector 17, 16 & 15 causing chronic congestion in evenings. The residents said that the the hawkers do not have the mandate to litter and dispose of the waste into drains and streets on which ground the GNN can take action against them as per the MSWM Rules 2016. Many residents said that steep fines should be levied on these hawkers for throwing the left-overs in drains, however the GNN has not taken any action so far. The Vasundhara Zone officials of the GNN were tight-lipped about the situation.

-delhincrnews.in reporter