Ghaziabad: In view of NGT cases, GNN to work on better waste management by fixing responsibility of officials

Departmental heads and subordinate staff will be complying with duties ranging from proper disposal of solid and other waste, cleaning of drains, disposal of plastic as well as implementing such measures in various establishments


In line with directions given by National Green Tribunal on various aspects related to environmental pollution and compliance thereof, an important meeting was held on Feb 29, at Lucknow that was presided over by Secretary/ State Mission Director, UP. After the meeting it was brought out that the accountability of each and every department and officials of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) should be fixed for proper disposal of waste and sanitation. As per a communication from Municipal Commissioner’s office these directions are:

  • Having a complete database of door-to-door garbage collecting vehicles with details such as fuel used, total no of rounds, route chart etc. The store keeper should keep tab of such records. If more vehicles are needed then such demand be put up.     – Officials responsible are:- AMC (Senior Inchage, Health)/ City Health Officer/ Store Keeper.
  • Tasks completed under funding from 14th Finance Commission from the time such funds were received till the current fiscal. Officials responsible are all departmental heads and account officials
  • The measures that can be taken by the GNN for mitigating air pollution and improving air quality. Officials responsible are: AMC (Senior Health Incharge or SHO)/ City Health Officer or CHO/GM Water Works/ Horticulture Incharge.
  • Measures taken to dispose of carcass of dead animals and details thereof. Officials responsible are: AMC (SHI)/ Veterinary Official/City Health Officer.
  • To take effective measures to dispose of solid waste, C & D waste, bio-medical waste and e-waste by asking various establishments such as schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels, malls etc to install/use incinerators in 15 days. In GNN schools the facility will be provided by AMC RN Pandey.
  • To dispose of plastic by purchasing 10 machines through GeM Portal. Responsible officials are AMC (SHO)/CHO/Incharge of Vehicles
  • To clean up drains under the GNN jurisdiction through bio-remediation/phyto remediation or any other process. Officials responsible are GM Water Works/ Chief Engineer/ CHO.
  • Segregating machine for window waste. Officials responsible are AMC (SHO)/CHO.
  • To communicate with Avas Vikas, GDA, PWD, NHAI and Jal Nigam for successful disposal of C & D waste. Officials responsible are: AMC(SHO)/ Chief Engineer.
  • To start disposal of solid waste at Galand landfill site and to be prepared for purchasing more land as and when need arises. Officials responsible are: Senior Property Officer/SHO.
  • For disposal of diaper and sanitary napkins incinerators to be set up at girls’ schools/colleges and pink toilets. Officials responsible are: Senior Property Officer and SHO.
  • To compile a list of all scrap dealers in GNN area.
  • Compiling all details of GNN property.
  • To work towards setting up of vending zones. Responsible officials are: PO Duda and Senior Property Official.
  • Effective implementation of Amrut Plan
  • Details of property tax recovery and GIS survey work reporter