G’bad: Sahibabad drain chokes Vaishali residents; 1,300 letters sent to CM for action

Residents point out that due to emission of harmful gases from the drain several of them have taken ill while the electronic appliances are also conking out


Thousands of Vaishali residents have written to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath asking him to take immediate action to direct officials to cover the Sahibabad drain passing through Sectors 1, 2 & 3 of Vaishali tormenting residents on account of emissions of various harmful gases, stink and contamination of groundwater. The letter written to the CM states that many residents are suffering from respiratory ailments such as asthma, cough and TB due to harmful gases emitting from the drain.

The residents have also pointed out through the letter that electronic appliances such as microwaves, ACs, fridges, TVs as well as iron taps were getting corroded and becoming dysfunctional.

The residents also rue that Vaishali has become one of the most polluted areas of the country. The letter states that several builder apartments had already covered the drain in front of their societies that is a big respite for their buyers.

Despite complaining to the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, UPPCB and other government department no action has been taken by any of them to address the grievance of the residents, the letter further pointed out.

Previously, the Yamuna Monitoring Committee empowered by the NGT had asked the Ghaziabad agencies including the GMC, UPSIDC and UPPCB to take necessary steps to reduce the discharge of industrial effluents in the Sahibabad drain that eventually empties into the Yamuna, however despite the NGT orders no concrete action has been taken on the ground to clean the drain, pointed out several residents.

So far at least 1,300 letters signed by as many residents have been dispatched by the residents of Vaishali to the Uttar Pradesh CM while more such letters will be signed by the residents and further dispatched to the CM, said Mohan Singh a senior citizen and resident of Sector 1.

-delhincrnews.in reporter