Delhi: Sanjay Singh accuses Union Minister of lies over DDA flat allotment

He said that this is a huge scam done with the people of DDA’s EWS category and, the officials of the DDA and ministers are also involved in this scam.

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AAP’s Rajya Sabha Member Sanjay Singh said that the way the BJP leader, Union Minister Hardeep Puri and DDA officials reacted after the AAP’s expose of the scam with EWS flats by the Delhi Development Authority makes it clear that they all were involved with this scam, as per an AAP press communication.

“Yesterday, I highlighted the large scale scam done by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) with respect to the construction and sale of flats for people under the EWS category. After my statement Hardeep Puri commented on this matter and the officials of the DDA also issued a statement from their twitter handle which is a big lie in itself. This statement is such a big lie that it just adds to the severity of this corruption that has been going on and there is a dire need of a proper investigation to be carried out,” said Singh.

He added, “Why am I saying this? The Minister said that he has no information about the 772 EWS-category flats dismissing the allegations as baseless. But I will tell you on what basis I am accusing them, I will prove that my accusation is true and I am also shocked to see that Hardeep Puri, a respectable minister is speaking lies in the face of the people of Delhi and India.  This is a legal notice that the allottees of DDA’s EWS category have sent to a number of people. The notice was sent out on 13th July 2019, and this legal notice has been addressed to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Office of the PMO, Ministry of Housing & Urban  Development and this has also been sent to Hardeep Puri too as clearly indicated in the list.”

He added, “So, why is the Minister speaking lies? It just solidifies the doubts around the scam regarding the DDA flats under EWS category and also ascertains the fact that something is fishy here,  “daal mein kaala nahi balki poori daal kaali hai.”

“Secondly, another letter, dated 31st July 2019 has been sent by allottees of DDA flats under EWS category addressed to the Prime Minister of India, LG Delhi, Vice Chairman DDA,  Minister of Urban Development, etc.  After that, DDA said that it is the development plan of DLF and that the building was constructed by DLF. DDA washed their hands off the responsibility of having constructed it which is a white lie in itself. If DDA is speaking such a lie, that means the concerned officials and the ministers are completely soaked in corruption. This is the brochure where it has been clearly stated for the EWS category that a person earning 1 lakh per annum of income will be allotted a flat by the DDA. In this, there would be instalments set, and the flats range from 6.9 lakhs to 11 lakhs of price. In this only, it has been stated that these flats are newly constructed as you can see it here. They are stating that the construction is almost complete. But now the DDA says that they had just quoted a tentative cost, which means that there should be some variation of the price range quoted by the DDA. But now the price of the flat has gone as high as 19 lakhs which is much higher than the upper limit stated by the DDA,” said Singh.

He added, “Why did you send a demand note for Rs 19 lakhs? And the flats belong to the other category for them you sent a demand note for Rs 25 lakhs. This is the document where DDA stated that the flats will be sold at Rs 11 lakhs, but they sent a demand note for Rs 25 lakhs. This document also proves that the DDA has purchased the flats from DLF at a rate of 8.22 lakh rupees  (for the flats set at a rate of Rs 6.9 lakhs) and the other category flats the DDA purchased at 9.89 lakhs (for the flats set at Rs 11 lakhs). So your lies are caught here too. Even if we take the cost in which you bought the flats from DLF- they are 8.22 lakh rupees and 9.89 lakh rupees simultaneously. So, you are buying the flats at 8.22 lakh INR and selling them off at a rate of 19 lakh INR. And the ones bought for 9.89 lakh INR are being resold at a rate of Rs 25 lakhs? Now, you are providing excuses stating that it was just a tentative amount.”

He said that this is a huge scam done with the people of DDA’s EWS category and, the officials of the DDA and ministers are also involved in this scam. I have stated this in the letter that I sent to CBI yesterday requesting a thorough investigation into this.

Sanjay Singh said he has a few questions: Why is the Hardeep Puri lying? If he received the legal notice on 13th July 2019, then how can he say he had no information about this matter?

If you had set the price at Rs 6.9 lakh rupees for the flat under EWS category as mentioned in the brochure, after construction, then why did you send a demand note three times higher than that amount- 19 lakh rupees?

If you purchased the flat in 8.22 lakhs rupees from DLF, then why did you send a demand, not of Rs 19 lakhs.  And if you bought the flat in 9.89 lakh INR then why did you send a demand not of Rs 25 lakhs?

You said that you will include Rs 1,00,000 annual income in the category of EWS, on what basis are you asking them to give a monthly instalment of Rs 10,655, that is approximately Rs 1,25,000 annually?

“These are my questions which the DDA officials and the Minister should respond to. It is clear from the above the BJP is trying to trap the buyers using legal mumbo-jumbo. This is the same reason that the High Court put a stay on this project. The court also noted the widespread scam ongoing here. The concerned ministers and the officials are repeatedly speaking lies since yesterday, but I am putting the truth out in front of you,” said Singh.