Haryana supplying dirty water to Delhi indicates political conspiracy: DJB Vice Chairman


Delhi Jal Board’s Vice Chairman Dinesh Mohaniya on Sunday said that water being supplied from Haryana is contaminated with a high amount of ammonia so that the production of water in Delhi by DJB decreased by 100 MGD, said a press statement. “The water supplied in Delhi comes from other states, in which Haryana is the largest source. Since the announcement of elections, the amount of ammonia in the water coming from Haryana has increased a lot. This has affected the water supply in many parts of Delhi. As Haryana is ruled by BJP, these developments during the elections seem to be a political conspiracy,” said  Mohaniya.

Dinesh Mohaniya said that because elections are going to be held in Delhi, BJP is conspiring to defame the honest government in Delhi. “For the last 3 days, the water problem has started again in Delhi. The water coming from the BJP ruled Haryana contains a high amount of ammonia. The level of Ammonia steadily increased from 1.2 ppm on 8th to 1.8 ppm on 9th to 2.7 ppm on the 10th. Due to this, Delhi Jal Board was able to produce 100 MGD less water compared to normal production,” Mohaniya detailed.

Mohaniya said that due to this problem, two big plants of Delhi Jal Board in Chandrawal and Wazirabad are able to produce only half of their capacity, and consequently the supply of water in Delhi is being affected. “Because the water is not being produced completely in Delhi, Delhi Jal Board is not able to supply water in some areas of Central and South Delhi, as it plans”, he added. 

“Such developments just before the elections create doubt in anyone’s mind. The reason for this suspicion is that on one hand, the Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan of the BJP led central government accused the Delhi Jal Board of supplying dirty water in Delhi and on the other hand contaminated dirty water is being supplied from the BJP ruled Haryana,” Dinesh Mohaniya added.

-delhincrnews.in reporter