G’bad: Sector 17 Vasundhara not being cleaned up despite GMC assurances

Top: Condition of Sec 17 vacant plot. Below left: Litter along Sec 17 drain. Below Right: Vendors in Sector 17 are a major cause of litter

Although the Ghaziabad Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh is working tirelessly to implement the Swachhata drive in the city and with the Swachhta Survekshan already underway some spots have remain uncleaned despite complaints and instruction thereof. One such spot is Sector 17 in Vasundhara where recently a portion of the garbage was littered from a vacant plot near the Nigam water tank however litter abounds here again and despite complaints the GMC officials have not bothered to clean this area.

Secondly, the Sector 17 storm water drain has litter along it that has not been cleared.

All of this is located in Ward No 74. What is baffling is that despite the heightened sense of alacrity in wake of Swachhata Survekshan the sanitation staff is looking otherwise.

The fruit, vegetable and other assorted vendors along the Vasundhara main road in Sector 15-16-17 are other major garbage generators in Vasundhara and there is no one to counter them as some of them got a stay from HC till the vending zone issue is sorted out. However, that does not give them a right to cause litter,

The Sector 17 vacant plot is besieged by cows & bulls that poses a threat to passers-by. Also with the weekly Monday market that is running right now in Sector 17-Sector 15 dividing road (along the Sector 17 drain) there will be a lot of left-overs to be cleaned up for the GMC team unless it cracks hard on the Monday market traders.

-delhincrnews.in reporter