GMC plans to beat ‘plastic’ by making more & more street vendors adopt ‘steel’

Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh is himself spearheading this campaign by rewarding street vendors—who are shunning plastic and thermocol wares—with steel utensils

Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra SIngh handing out 20 steel utensils with accessories to each of the 2 vendors in Vasundhara and Mohan Nagar zones

Ghaziabad Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh today visited Mohan Nagar & Vasundhara zones to get a peek into the sanitation work being done by the staff. At Mohan Nagar near Hindon Airforce Station it was found that a street vendor selling eatables were making use of steel utensils—a campaign that had been started by Singh and which the GMC claims is being adopted by several street vendors. Another such street vendor at Vasundhara who was also using steel plates, bowls and spoons was rewarded with steel utensils. Both street vendors were given 20 steel utensils each by the Municipal Commissioner for shunning banned plastic and thermocol. reporter