G’bad Mun. Commissioner visits City & Kavi Nagar zones to expedite sanitation work

Vendors who had replaced plastic with steel utensils were felicitated


Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh today visited City & Kavi Nagar zones. At several places at Raj Nagar RDC Construction & Demolition (C & D) Waste was found strewn across the roadsides. Singh immediately asked Chief Engineer Moinuddin to issue notice to the violators who had littered the area.

Several poor persons at RDC were handed out blankets by Dinesh Chandra Singh in the wake of cold weather.

In City Zone at Railway Station Road/Bajariya where sanitation work was on in full swing but the garbage was not getting lifted up upon which the Municipal Commissioner became furious and directed the Health Officer VP Sharma to instruct all sanitation supervisor that garbage be lifted simultaneously alongwith cleaning.

Near Old Railway Station a food vendor was spotted using steel utensils upon which Singh rewarded him by giving him 20 steel utensils. Four more street vendors were also given out steel utensils for shunning plastic.

At Labour Chowk, Ramte Ram Road several labourers were asked about their toilet habits upon which they replied that they use the GMC toilets for relieving themselves. At least 200 laboureres were given a treat of Chole Bhature.

-delhincrnews.in reporter