G’bad: Sahibabad industry fined Rs 5 lakhs by GMC for causing pollution


Swachhata Survekshan is on in Ghaziabad; however for the first time municipal corporation is exercising its various powers under various municipal and other environmental laws to book those establishments and individuals who are polluting the environment. On these lines Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) has issued notices to all establishments that can be classified as “bulk waste generators” to segregate and dispose of their waste accordingly. For these establishments they need to dispose of their wet or bio=degradable waste in their precincts. These establishments include housing societies, malls, hotels, eateries etc.

On the same lines the GMC has also under Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 invoked the clause of “Extended Producer Responsibility”under which the industrial manufacturers need to re-cycles their packaging such as plastic bottles, packs etc.

Although the GMC has been putting across these legal requirements to people many are violating these laws.

In addition, the EPCA led by Bhure Lal has also directed the Ghaziabad officials to penalize those who are causing pollution. Today while on a visit with senior officials at Maharajpur, Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra SIngh today witnessed that plastic packaging material in the form of plastic bottles, packets, sachets etc was strewn across choking drains and other areas. Under these laws and rules and various rulings and for not following the Extended Producer Responsibility clause, the GMC today impose a fine of Rs 5 lakhs on Vaibhav Industries at Site 4, 49/28, Sahibabad Industrial Area.

-delhincrnews.in reporter