Illegal soil mining on LMC land at Achejja in Gr Noida stopped by villagers

The illegality was happening at night on pretext of digging up a lake. The men fled when the police were called in, but by that time they had dug out huge quantities of soil from the area leaving behind a poclain machine


Due to its huge swathes of land parcels mostly part of village land or forest area as well as little presence of administration and police, Greater Noida is becoming a haven for illegal mining activity. This was amply proved when huge trucks called dumpers were seen by several village dwellers on night of Nov 23 at Achejja village in Gr Noida.

According to Pradeep Dahaliya, a Gr Noida resident and an activist and other villagers several persons started digging away area of land with the help of Poclain machine. On being asked what they were doing they said that they were digging a lake but as construction work is banned during day they are carrying out the activity in night. However the villagers confronted the men with several question such as land belonging to LMC of village.  

Villagers said that the 10-15 men who were digging the soil told the villagers that the revenue official (Lekhpal) had come during day-time to measure the land that was identified by him as a lake, however the villagers denied any such visit by an official. These men also said as any digging activity has been banned during day-time by NGT and administration, they were carrying out the work during night.

Dahaliya said that a complaint has been made to the district magistrate (DM) of Gautam Budh Nagar about the illegal mining in the area. He also added that the persons fled the spot by the time the police arrived after a complaint was made. The illegal diggers had dug up an area of 750 sq mts that was almost 15-ft in depth, alleged the village residents.

By Prasoon Pant