RWA Fed. Ghaziabad squarely blames officials for city’s pollution

Proposals such as ban on construction and covering of Vaishali drain were also passed in the meet


Advocating the rights of farmers at Mandola in Ghaziabad (Delhi-Saharanpur Road), Chairman of RWA Federation Ghaziabad, Col TP Tyagi (retd) after a meeting with his fellow RWA members said that had e-waste collection centres been set up in Mandola the farmers would not be protesting by putting a noose around their necks. Tyagi also said that had the administration encouraged the use of cremation with Mokshda process only 1/3rd of wood would be used in cremating one corpse at a time.

The RWA chief also lamented that so far no CNG or electrical buses had been made operational in the city that could have at least augmented the public transport system in the city.

Tyagi also rued the lack of measures such as vertical gardening that was suggested by the Federation and which according to him could have reduced pollution and would have led to the arrest of PM 2.5 levels below 400.

The RWA Federation members said in unison that due to the apathy of officials who are not interested in saving the city residents including children and senior citizens are suffering the most.

The RWA members also wrote a letter to EPCA Chairman, Bhure Lal stating that apart from giving all negative orders such as stopping diesel generator, brick kilns etc they have done nothing to ask from the officials about their accountability in reducing pollution. For example the members said, how many officials have been taken to task for rising pollution when lakhs of trees have been planted and crores spent on them.

The Federation passed the following proposals:

  • The administration should start work in 15 days on reducing air pollution in the city
  • Till the AQI comes down below 100 no new construction work should be allowed by GDA
  • The Sahibabad Drain passing through Sectors 1,2 & 3 of Vaishali should be covered

The Federation said that after this timeline is over they would press for transfer of the Municipal Commissioner, would write to senior officials and even could knock the court doors.

Present at the meet were ML Verma, HL Bhandari, JP Chandra, Nikhil Sisodia, Rama Tyagi, Sunita Bhatia, Alok Das, Puneet Gupta, Pawan Kaushik, GS Siddhu, Gurmail Singh, Roshan Vishwakarma, SK Pandey, Anil Kumar, Anuj Singh, DB Singh, Mukesh Kumar and RP Sharma.

-By Prasoon Pant