Vasundhara Ghaziabad records an all-time-high AQI of 499

Despite the city reeling under a severe pollution spell no action is being taken against unlawful commercial activity and encroachers who are making things worse. Waste burning is also one reason of rising pollution, points out environmentalist


Ghaziabad is top on the list of most polluted cities in India and surprisingly the residential colony of Vasundhara where the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board office is situated (Sector 16 Vasundhara) is recording the highest pollution levels in the country. Notably, the Air Quality Index or AQI is 499 here at 11.40 am on Nov 1, as shown by Sameer App of Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

The phenomenon seems strange as Vasundhara is predominantly a residential cluster, however rampant illegal commercial activity as well as encroachments and dust is likely leading to severe air pollution. The colony is also a stone’s throw distance from Sahibabad Industrial Area.

Residents of Vasundhara colony have time & again requested the UP Avas Evam Vikas Parishad to take action against the illegal commercial activity as well as the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation has also been requested umpteenth number of times to remove encroachments besieging every sector, however no concrete action has so far been taken against such people.

Noted Ghaziabad-based environmentalist Sushil Raghav pointed out that Ghaziabad is carrying far more than the requisite capacity of industrial and infrastructure burden. Raghav said: “Today the waste generated in Ghaziabad has touched almost 1,600 metric tonnes from 2013 when the city generated 800 metric tonnes of waste. Due to non-disposal of large part of this waste it is burnt at scattered locations leading to severe air pollution.”

Raghav said that as Ghaziabad has far exceeded its carrying capacity no new industry or infra project should come to Ghaziabad as it is already saturated. This is also the reason for rising air pollution.

Utsav Sharma, Incharge of UPPCB, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad could not be contacted on his cellphone. A complaint to take action against the polluters has been made to the CPCB and the DM Ghaziabad.

-By Prasoon Pant