Ryan Mayur Vihar class 10 student bags 1st rank in IIT event


Anas Ahmed of class X-B, participated in “ Techniche, IIT Guwahati” on 30th August 2019 in the event CODESCAPE, Sack It Up, said a press statement by school. He bagged first rank in the event which had competitors from various engineering colleges like IITs and NIFTs from all over the country.

The competition, CODESCAPE was about finishing the code started by a random person. The shortest final code wins. The competition consisted of 5 rounds of which 3 were elimination rounds. Sack It Up competition had the task to make a robot that can pick blocks at various heights from 6 inches to 30inches and place them on multiple platforms. After placing them, teams can try to drop the blocks of the opponents, in the remaining time of the round.

This event tests ones abilities to code, to optimize time, space and most importantly, to apprehend another’s code. 

Anasʼs achievement is all the more commendable, since he competed with students of various engineering colleges, many years his seniors, said the press statement.