G’bad: Beneficiaries wait for long hours at CGHS facility in Vaishali due to server down-time


For hundreds of retired Central Govt. residents of trans-Hindon colonies of Vaishali, Vasundhara, Indirapuram and others, the Vaishali CGHS dispensary is a facility that should have come in handy for low-cost treatments ent, check-up and availability of medicines, however due to constant issues with the server down-time these pensioners and former employees are unable to avail the benefits of this facility.

According to an Indirapuram resident, Rakesh Nanda who visits the CGHS dispensary with his mother—a former Central Govt. official there is a long queue everyday due to internet problems. According to him, as most of the patients visiting the dispensary are old people it is difficult for them to wait for long hours. Other visitors were also of the same opinion and demanded that server down-time issues at the dispensary should be looked into on a priority basis, so that retirees do not have to face day-to-day harassment.

delhincrnews.in reporter