G’bad: Verbal spat leading to dispute between GNN employees and traders solved amicably

The traders’ association of Gandhi Nagar admitted in presence of Municipal Commissioner that some of their members had used unparliamentary language against some sanitation employees and expressed regret


A drive against polythene by a Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) team that turned into a verbal volley from traders’ side and then snowballed into a protest by traders’ association at Gandhi Nagar Market in Ghaziabad was today resolved amicably in presence of Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh. Not only this the trader also paid up the stipulated fine for violating the applicable laws of plastic waste.

The GNN team had recently raided the Gandhi Nagar market and had impounded banned plastic bags and packaging material when they were confronted by the trader lobby that resented the move. While the GNN team was seizing the plastic items from a trader Prdaeep Bansal undignified language was used against sanitation workers after which legal action was mulled against the traders.

However today, Gandhi Nagar traders led by Atul Jain, SN Agarwal, Ramnivas Bansal, Sunil Garg and Ankit Bansal came to the GNN headquarters and met employees led by GNN Union President Nain Singh, Himanshu Sharma etc and further led by AMC Pramod Kumar and other officials presented themselves at the Municipal Commissioner’s office. There the traders admitted that they were wrong and had used such language in the heat of the moment.  Both the sides were given a patient hearing by Dinesh Chandra Singh and thereafter keeping in view the welfare of the employees and the city, it was decided to end the matter and call a truce. The trader also agreed to pay the fine amount of  Rs 50,000 for violating the law..

The incident had led to an uproar amongst the trader community and they have been trying hard to lobby against the GNN drive. However, as Uttar Pradesh had already banned stocking and use of plastic since last year, the GNN team is only implementing what the state government had ordered for.

delhincrnews.in reporter