Noida Police crack blind murder of Muthoot manager

The executive was killed by his own relative and his accomplices when he threatened to disclose their names to police, in an attempted theft of gold from his branch


Noida Police have cracked the blind murder of a Muthoot Finance company manager of Ghaziabad branch who was murdered in cold blood by his own maternal cousin, said the police. Two persons have been arrested by the cops. As per SSP Vaibhav Krishna the main motive of the murder was leak of information of attempted theft of around 3 kg gold.

The murder had taken place on June 20 under Badalpur Police Station. The deceased Azad was killed by his cousin Parvinder who had taken Rs 10,000 loan from him but was not paying back despite being asked by Azad. On the fateful day Parvinder asked Azad to accompany him so that he can pay back the borrowed money. En route they had a booze session with a few of Parvinder’s accomplices joining in.

While they were drinking Parvinder gave the keys of the gold chest to his accomplice and they left them drinking while they drove to Ghaziabad to the Muthoot branch. There they tried to open the chest to steal the gold but as they could not they came back where both Parvinder and Azad were drinking together. As his accomplices told Parvinder about their failed plan Azad became suspicious and threatened to disclose their names to the police. Upon this the accused caught hold of Azad and shot him dead.

However, the police became suspicious about their involvement and finally zeroed in on the accused. Besides Parvinder, Chamanlal has been arrested while 2 accused are still at large, said the police. reporter