Delhi: Rohini district cops solve murder case of youth

With arrest of Monu alias Mamla and Chandan, the police team of Aman Vihar Police Station solved a sensational murder case


Police have solved a murder case of a 19-yr-old boy who was stabbed to death in a street fight in on Sept 29. The boy, son a of a whitewash contractor was taking a stroll with his father on the fateful night. The contractor told the police that he along with his son Raj Kumar were taking a stroll in the street near their house after dinner alongwith two of his son’s friends namely Jitender and Vikas alias Vikki when they were joined by another boy namely Monu alias Mamla. Monu took Raj Kumar to one side on the pretext of talking to him alone when all of a sudden, a heated argument erupted between them resulting in  fisticuffs. During the scuffle, Monu pushed Raj Kumar against a car parked nearby breaking its window pane. Noticing trouble, Giri Raj along with Jitender and Vikas rushed towards them to prevent any further altercation. However, before they could intervene Monu took out a dagger and stabbed Raj Kumar thrice. Bleeding profusely, the victim was rushed the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. Meanwhile, Monu managed to escape.

The police found out that Monu was being accompanied by his close friend Chandan. Investigations led the police to the house of Chandan’s sister at Seelampur, Delhi. Chandan’s sister revealed that both Chandan and Monu had visited her house & borrowed Rs 2,000, as they wanted to visit Shree Vaishno Devi Shrine in Jammu. A few days later, Monu and Chandan were arrested from a park near Sec-21 Rohini.

On sustained interrogation, Monu revealed that while supplying mehndi cones,  he came in contact with a woman artist and he fell in love with her. He also introduced Raj Kumar to his girlfriend and soon they also became good friends. Subsequent to their friendship, the woman started avoiding Monu on one pretext or another which didn’t go down well with him.  He warned Raj Kumar to mend his ways but the victim Raj Kumar paid no heed to his warnings.

Seeking revenge, the accused Monu decided to eliminate Raj Kumar. He brought a dagger for the said purpose and on Sept. 29 he met Raj Kumar and warned him of dire consequences if he did not stop meeting his girlfriend. Raj Kumar, however, was dismissive. In a fit of rage, Monu took out his dagger and stabbed Raj Kumar thrice. He was however overpowered by Raj Kumar’s  father and his other friends. They took him to hospital alongwith the victim but he managed to slip away from there. While going towards his house, he met Chandan and told him that he had killed Raj Kumar and asked him to accompany him to his house as he wanted to change his blood stained clothes and dispose of the dagger. Chandan went along with him but seeing the police at Monu’s house returned  and took him to his own house and gave him clothes. Subsequently, they went to the house of Chandan’s sister; borrowed money from her and went off to Jammu.

With no money, and contemplating that the police pressure had probably waned they were nabbed from a park near their colony. The blood stained clothes and dagger which were disposed of by them were recovered at their instance. Monu has been arrested for murder while Chandan has been for facilitating and destruction of the evidence. reporter