G’bad: Doctors & medical professionals take oath to save environment


India can face many types of health related effects very soon due to the increasing population and the rapidly changing environment, whether it is Rajasthan’s scorching heat or Kerala floods or Uttarakhand’s cloudburst tragedy. Also, India ranks among the most polluted countries in the world. Now we all know that we have not remained untouched by the ill effects of global warming, not only India, but climate change due to global warming is increasing the risk of human health problems from day to day. If we analyze year 2019 only, so far adverse natural events have occurred every 1 month due to the environmental disturbances causing huge loss of life and property.

Due to all these natural anomalies, respiratory disease or asthma has increased besides infectious diseases, vector borne diseases, nutrition related diseases and mental diseases have also increased the most. If we look at the recent figures, we find that 12.5 percent of the deaths in India are due to air pollution only.

Because doctors have a distinct identity and reputation in the society, the Center for Environmental Health and Public Health Foundation India has started a campaign across the world from September 20, 2019, in which doctors and health care staff take a little time out of their busy schedule to take an oath to save the environment and make it an appeal to every section of the society through social media and other publicity channels. It is said that do not use single use plastic and polythene which is harmful to the environment, also do not misuse the paper to save trees from being cut, as well as doctors take an oath that every section of the society should protect the environment. Doctors also pledged that they will work as a leader to save the earth mother by leading the society.

In the same sequence, the programme was organized in the auditorium of the in Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad on  September 20, 2019 under the leadership of. Upasana Arora, Director of the hospital. The doctors of the hospital took an oath to save the environment. Upasana Arora said on this occasion that is an unprecedented step and in this we all doctors and medical workers of India would awake to save the environment in the society and at the same time. Arora said that through the programmes like rain water harvesting, mercury-free hospital and proper disposal of waste and biomedical waste in Yashoda Hospital Kaushmabi is already saving the environment. In the same order, we have been given a green and clean hospital certificated by prestigious agency Bureau VERITAS, a major agency working the field of certification in India. 

delhincrnews.in reporter