Gr Noida villages not getting cleaned despite several complaints, alleges activist


A resident of Greater Noida and a green activist has yet again raised the issue of what he terms as complicity of subordinate officials and sanitation contractors of Gr Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) who never visit a number of villages that they had to clean but get paid. Pradeep Dahaliya had previously alleged that the work exists only on paper and even the reply to his repeated complaints over the online IGRS portal were the same wherein officials of the authority kept saying that the work of cleaning these villages was being done by the contracted firms of the authority.

Now Dahaliya has again complained on the portal stating that no substantial effort was being made by the authority contractors and supervisors to clean the villages and the 5 sanitation workers assigned to do the task are missing in action. These are Sunpura, Bhanoti, Kheda, Saini among other villages. Dahaliya alleged that sanitation workers and supervisor come to the villages only after a gap of 15 days and the supervisors also ask for money from tractor owners who pick up the garbage, however these tractors never come to the villages. reporter