G’bad Municipal Comm. imposes heavy fines on polluters in Vasundhara Zone

Besides, the GNN officials were asked to coordinate with UPPCB to initiates legal proceedings against industries polluting the Sahibabad drain


Ghaziabad Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra Singh today made a random visit to Vasundhara Zone where he found that the Sahibabad drain portion near Vasundhara red light was choked and full of filth and garbage including plastic bottles, polythene and cloth. Seeing this the Municipal Commissioner severely reprimanded the sanitation inspector (SFI) Yogendra Kumar and asked him to get the drain cleaned in 2 days and to submit a report along with geo-tagged pictures through zonal chief.

It also came to light that untreated chemical laced water of nearby factories (Sahibabad Site 4) was also falling into the drain. Upon this Dinesh Chandra Singh instructed the GM Water works, XEN to coordinate with pollution control board officials and initiate legal proceedings against the violating industries and thereafter to inform him.

Further, at Saur Urja Marg under Vasundhara Zone it was found that a person was polluting the atmosphere by burning an oven and a fine of Rs 1,000 was imposed on him with a warning. A scrap dealer who had encroached upon the green belt and had littered the area with plastic was also fined Rs 50,000 alongwith a notice. The waste plastic material was seized and sent packing to the GNN (Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam) garage at City Zone to make plastic road.

On the same road one trader who had kept plastic material along the road was also fined Rs 20,000. Singh apprised all SFIs and officials that on September 17 in a video conference with EPCA Chairman Bhure Lal it has been concluded that any person polluting the environment by burning waste or other material will have to be fined and legal proceedings initiated against him. This also includes eateries, restaurants and hotels that use oven and bhattis that pollute the air.

Further down this road DKS Construction was fined Rs 20,000 for not keeping construction material in the approved manner.

delhincrnews.in reporter