Noida: GIP mall asked to pay up Rs 14 cr water dues


Recently, the Noida Authority snapped the water & sewer connection of GIP Mall in Noida for not paying up dues about Rs 14 crores. Environmentalist Vikrant Tongad pointed out that this follow up was done after a complaint was made to the authority by him. The bill issued states that the mall would have to pay up the amount before August 31.

The arrear upto March 31, 2019 is Rs 5.40 crores while the interest on arrear upto August 31, 2019 works out to a whopping Rs 8.70 crores.

Both, Noida Authority official MK Jain and Vipin Puri, official of the GIP mall did not take the phone call a short while ago to apprise about whether the dues have been cleared or not. reporter