Ghaziabad: Avas Vikas to restore ‘Arthala Lake portion’ falling in Vasundhara

The portion of lake that will come up for restoration is in Sector 2 A, Vasundhara


Uttar Pradesh Avas Vikas has been asked to restore as lake a portion of Vasundhara colony that forms part of Arthala Lake, in a recent judgment by National Green Tribunal (NGT) that was upholding its own judgment given back in 2016. The DM who has been earlier asked by the NGT to furnish and affidavit had asked all departments to give detailed report of structures under their jurisdiction encroaching upon the portion of lake.

According to NGT petitioner Sushil Raghav the Avas Vikas in Vasundhara Sector 2 A forms part of the lake and lots of housing and other structures are likely to form part of it.

However, Avas Vikas SE in Vasundhara, Narsingh Prasad said that the Parishad will restore the part of lake falling in Vasundhara colony as per the directions of the NGT but he refused to be drawn into whether several houses would come under the encroachment or restoration part.

Notably, the Avas Vikas has to part with almost 7 hectares of land that is a substantial portion. Raghav had said that the Elevated Road pillar, one underpass of Hindon barrage is also part of the lake.

By Prasoon Pant