G’bad: Illegal gates encroach on public roads near Sec. 15 market in Vasundhara

Despite an online complaint raised earlier no action was taken, hence a complaint was made to the GNN again


In a complaint raised over online portal about the existence of illegal gates encroaching over public roads in Sector 15, Vasundhara, the Municipal Commissioner has asked the subordinates to tackle the encroachment and to submit a report. Earlier, no action was taken by Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) official of Vasundhara Zone- who had been assigned the task, due to which another complaint was raised online.

Earlier, the Avas Vikas on a similar online complaint had replied that the task was outside the purview of its jurisdiction as the colony was handed over to the GNN long back.

These illegal gates have been put up by one of self-styled RWAs of Sector 15 on public roads, and completely block the access to the nearby Sector 15 market thronged by hundreds of nearby residents. The market comprises showrooms, banks and doctors’ clinics. Residents of nearby areas have to take a long detour to reach the Sector 15 market, as these gates are put up at several points and are open and closed at will.

The guards who man these gates often resort to rude language when passing residents ask them to open up these gates. In fact, across Ghaziabad it is common to see such gates put up illegally by so called RWAs.

Several residents pointed out that the entry of two & four wheelers is totally banned through one of these gates that serves as the entry point. Even the pedestrians have to abide by the timings set by the self-styled RWA to go through these gates.  After the complaint was raised the GNN had assigned the task to a JE of Vasundhara Zone. Thereafter, another complaint has been now made over the portal.

One GNN official pointed out that removal of any encroachment requires the presence of police personnel without which safety of the drive is compromised.

However, these gates have been around for several years and action against them has been pending for long, said many residents.

delhincrnews.in reporter