G’bad: Staff pulled up for lack of sanitation & upkeep of Nandi Park


Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh today visited several municipal zones and also made a visit to Nandi Park. Starting from Kavi Nagar Zone he found heaps of garbage at several spots upon which the sanitation inspector of the area was asked to get it cleaned and to inform the office of the MC.

Garbage lying near Gurudwara under City Zone was asked to be lifted soon by Municipal Commissioner

Next, he visited Hapur Mod, GT Road, Purana Bus Adda and Ambedkar Road under City Zone. Here it was found that due to narrow lanes near a Gurudwara, Nigam employees were finding it hard to lift the silt. The area sanitation inspector and staff were asked to get the silt cleaned and to inform the Municipal Commissioner’s office.

Further, garbage was found lying at Kaila Bhatta and PAC Chowk upon which the area sanitation inspector was asked to get it cleaned and also to take care that heaps of garbage do not accumulate at a place.

Garbage mounds were also found at Mohan Nagar Intersection and along the GT Road and instructions were passed to clean these areas.

Several lacunae were found at Nandi Park- especially that the fodder was becoming dry as it was not cut in time. The staff including the doctor were directed to ensure green fodder for the cattle that was donated by cow lovers. Singh also asked the staff to ensure proper water supply for the cattle.

delhincrnews.in reporter