G’bad: NGT court commissioner to verify GNN’s compliance in Kaushambi


National Green Tribunal (NGT) has appointed a court commissioner to verify if compliance by Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) is being done with regards to clearing of encroachments on green belts in Kaushambi by certain entities in an original application by SA Zaidi. These encroachments were in the form of parking areas & garbage collection centre and the NGT has noted that the GNN itself had been one of the encroachers by allotting parkings.

After that the GNN had apparently taken steps to remove the illegal parking areas.

The GNN had also given a submission to the Tribunal that the directions of the NGT had been complied with and all encroachments had been removed from Kaushambi. One contentious issue was of garbage collection centre at Kaushambi and the GNN had asked the GDA to provide information on it. Now after the court commissioner’s visit the next date of hearing in NGT has been fixed for Sept 11.

By Prasoon Pant

(E-mail: editordelhincrnews@gmail.com)